Design and Development - Consulting

Nilo boasts a team of specialists, designers and architects who are capable of handling every phase of the project: from the preliminary assessment of the available space, to the actual design of the Spa and wellness centre, all according to the demands of the industry's professionals and in keeping with the latest requirements in terms of design trends and customer expectations.

If necessary, Nilo is capable of offering personalized consulting services for furnishing Wellness Centres, Hotels, Spas, Thermal Treatment Centres and Beauty Centres. The company's internal staff is even capable of assisting the professional architects and designers hired by the client to realize their specific SPA and wellness centre projects.

Nilo offers comprehensive services for the conceptualization, design and décor of any SPA, wellness centre or beauty salon. The Contract service is entirely customizable, and can be fully adapted to meet the needs of any type of clientele.

Thanks to its team of designers and architects, the company is capable of directly providing SPA and wellness centre design services, carrying out every detail of the project in its entirety. The company has successfully completed a large number of fully-customized projects for prestigious hotel chains, hotels, shopping centres and department stores, each of which has been designed to attract a high-end clientele.

Alternatively, the company's internal staff is also capable of assisting the professional figures engaged by the client, including architects and designers selected by the client to carry out custom projects.

The Nilo team is even capable of providing technical support for the creation of aesthetically pleasing and functional environments that even take into account the future viability and design prospects of the centre itself.

The company even provides all the necessary tools for industry professionals who want to make use of Nilo's high-quality design elements in order to create their own designs and environments.

This service, which is provided by the Contract Division and has been created in order to meet the increasing customer demand for complete beauty salon and wellness centre projects, has rendered Nilo an ideal partner for every industry professional.