Nilo is a historic company that boasts a leading position in the beauty design industry, and is renowned on both a European and worldwide scale for its furnishings and accessories for SPAs, wellness centres and beauty salons.

The company manufactures furnishings and equipment for SPAs, gyms, beauty salons and personal wellness facilities, and markets them all over the world.
NILO covers the upper-middle to high end segments of the market, offering furnishings of significant design content, as well as highly technological and specialized products. In recent years, the NILO trademark has been further enhanced thanks to valuable contributions made by world famous designers like: Christophe Pillet, Claudio Silvestrin and Giovannoni Design.


Nilo International - The SPA Industry

NILO is specialized in the production of furnishings and equipment for SPAs, wellness centres, beauty salons, hotels, gyms and beauty institutes.

The company was founded in 1987 as a division of Maletti Group, and has always been focused upon a field that's entirely complementary to that of the group itself, producing furnishings and equipment for institutions devoted to wellness and beauty treatments.

Having always remained attentive to the specificities of the sector and its operators, Nilo continues to exploit the production and commercial synergies offered by Maletti Group itself, thus allowing for the creation of a collection that ranges from furnishings to accessories, including both individual treatment beds, as well as fully-equipped cabins.
The Nilo product range is extremely wide reaching, and is complemented by collections designed by famous designers, such as Claudio Silvestrin and Christophe Pillet.

With a complete product line designed to satisfy all the latest trends in terms of SPA and wellness centre furnishings, while at the same time even covering the extensive sector of medical furnishings (thanks to a careful segmentation), Nilo has now become a leading competitor on the international market. In fact, Nilo products can be found at leading SPAs and wellness centres, as well as thermal baths, prestigious hotels, fitness centres, medical offices and beauty salons worldwide.

A global company that has designed and furnished thousands of centres around the world, with a sales network comprised of highly-experienced professionals, covering all the major international markets. This is what Nilo - The SPA Industry - has become today


NILO is dedicated to developing and manufacturing furnishing systems, equipment and accessories for professionals operating in the beauty, style and personal wellness sectors worldwide, always using the most advanced technologies and perfectly in-line with the latest design trends.

Nilo's daily objective is to provide SPA, wellness centre, beauty salon and hotel owners with the opportunity to create prestigious and innovative images for their locales, offering the best possible working conditions and maximizing revenues, while at the same time ensuring unrivalled customer comfort.

Furniture quality

Nilo's furnishings for SPAs, wellness centres and medical clinics are the result of constant research dedicated to ensuring maximum quality in terms of construction materials and manufacturing processes. 

In order to guarantee functional and long lasting products, our production department carries out specific tests upon the electrical components of the equipment and the structural components of the furnishings themselves.


Nilo's SPA, wellness centre and medical clinic furnishings are all backed by prompt and comprehensive customer support services. Nilo's staff offers a thorough and efficient customer care service, which is capable of satisfying any requirement in real time.
The support services even cover the repair of furnishings, furnishing accessories and all types of equipment.